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PineSpire is thrilled to announce Jen Colomb has joined our team as our new Operations Manager.

Operations Manager
Jen Colomb Joins PineSpire’s Team as Operations Manager

Creating Carbon Credits for our customers requires managing immense data sets using Pinespire’s proprietary data platform. Jen will assume responsibility for accurate and efficient data processes from the first customer interaction through to credit monetization. PineSpire also ensures our data is current by providing Customers ongoing access to their fleet inventories through a Customer Dashboard. Additionally, we are integrating fleet data with air quality regulations and EV grants so we can provide valuable guidance and funding opportunities to our customers. All of these services start with a thorough understanding of fleet data and excellent quality control of large data sets. Jen’s experience and attention to detail will ensure smooth data operations for PineSpire and our Customers as we continue to grow and expand our services, including to Washington.

Jen brings a broad set of skills to the Operations Manager role.  Before joining PineSpire, Jen was Billing Manager at an Electric Utility, leading the team who ensured accurate billing and accounting for over 40,000 meters.  She also partnered with and supported the Finance and Member Services teams in her utility role.  Jen honed her research, analysis, and reporting skills during her prior experience as a Forensic Mortgage Analyst and Team Lead with First American Financial, auditing subprime mortgage loans.   A naturally curious person, she is a lifelong learner who takes pride in organization, efficiency, problem-solving, adaptability, and integrity.  She earned a BA in Psychology from Trinity University and a BS in Accounting from Colorado State University Global, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

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