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PineSpire Will Lead The Charge On Your LCFS Credit Program

How It Works:

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program requires gasoline and diesel refiners and importers to purchase credits to continue doing business in your California. Oregon has a very similar program called Clean Fuels Program (CFP), which PineSpire also manages for clients in Oregon. You can generate credits for using low-carbon-intense fuels, like electricity, and then sell and transfer these credits on the open market.

And with the introduction of PineSpire’s revolutionary PS2 Platform, your data is delivered to a customized dashboard you can access 24/7. Learn More about the PS2 Platform.

As Your E-Fleet Grows, So Does Your Revenue

Equipment you currently own and operate and new equipment purchases are eligible. To review qualified equipment, visit our FAQ Page.

Percent Reduction in Carbon Intensity
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The LCFS Program goal is to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels in California. Oregon has a Clean Fuels Program (CFP) with similar objectives.

Turnkey Registration to Revenue Services

The Steps To Revenue Generation and Maximizing Your Incentive

ZERO out-of-pocket expense. Calculate how much revenue you’ll receive!

PineSpire will inventory and take-in data on your fleet size, type, and duty cycles and use it to determine your clean-energy consumption.

PineSpire registers you and your electric fleet and equipment in all appropriate systems. We handle all the reporting submissions, system management, and all other government-interaction needed to earn you credits. It’s a complicated process, but you won’t even know it because we do the work!

PineSpire aggregates all of our customer’s credits and makes strategic trades, at volume, with Deficit holders (oil and gas producers) that need the credits to stay in compliance.

Here’s the “show me the money” step! Every month, PineSpire will send an incentive check for you to add to your revenue stream. Accompanying the check is a detailed report that has data and analysis and other valuable information about grant and funding opportunities.


Electric Forklifts

The most common Electric Vehicle and a simple way to increase revenue. Learn more about how Electric Forklifts can not only save on operational costs but earn your business revenue.

Refrigeration Truck Units

Refrigeration Truck Units are facing new requirements from CARB and Oregon’s DEQ on their emissions. These new requirements will force major shifts to Electric Truck Refrigeration Units (e-TRUs) but PineSpire can help make this shift profitable!

Yard Tractors

Electric Yard Semis can create a significant impact on your bottom line by signing up with PineSpire.

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