Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS, CFP & CFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS, CFP & CFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Agriculture & Food Processing

Watch Your Revenue Grow with LCFS Credits Managed by PineSpire

“The LCFS and CFP markets can create revenue for agricultural operations in all portions of the product chain from field to shelf. Importantly, LCFS and CFP credits can come from new or existing equipment, and can be combined with other grants and rebates. This program should also be considered when planning for any future conversion to electric equipment.”

Excerpt from a PineSpire provided article in the ALMOND ALLIANCE Newsletter. For the full article, visit our RESOURCES page.

Businesses within the Agricultural and Food Processing industries can benefit greatly from electrification of equipment. For a list of qualifying equipment, visit our FAQ page. PineSpire is working with The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and The Oregon Department of Environmental Qaulity to broaden eligibility to include additional types of equipment specific to farming.

The Low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) program in California and the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) in Oregon offer electric fleets an additional revenue stream to pay down the cost of electrification. LCFS and CFP credits can be generated directly by fleets charging their own electric equipment, and these credits are turned into revenue to offset electricity costs and reduce total cost of ownership for electrification.

These programs give fleets an opportunity to earn additional revenue by using eligible electric equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, heavy-duty vehicles, yard semis, truck refrigeration unit chargers, fleet cars or trucks, EV chargers for employee or visitor vehicles and more. To see how much you could be earning, use our INCENTIVE ESTIMATE CALCULATORS.

PineSpire helps clients earn LCFS credits directly to maximize revenue generation and meet your established sustainability goals.

PineSpire’s experts understand the complex LCFS and CFP markets, and do the hard work so you can save time while earning additional revenue with your EV program. We manage all aspects of participating in the LCFS and CFP programs from registration to revenue.

EV Truck

Terminal Tractors
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Electric Forklift

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Electric Truck Charging Station

Truck Refrigeration
Unit Chargers

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Case Studies

PineSpire has compelling case studies to share with you, for example:

Electronic Fork Lifts:
Our E-Fork Lift study will outline for you how to dramatically lower your fuel costs, generate revenue through PineSpire management of LCFS or CFP Credits, lower operating and maintenance costs, create a safer work environment and provide cleaner operations to ensure food quality.