Let’s Make A Plan

Market forces and regulatory requirements are increasingly motivating a move to electric vehicles and equipment. This change in technology comes with hurdles; PineSpire recommends preparing a comprehensive Electrification Plan in order to identify priorities, prepare budgets, and find cost saving opportunities. PineSpire provides our customers a framework to integrate all of the considerations and come up with actionable goals. To learn more about how to evaluate fleets, electrical infrastructure, timelines, budgets and how to capture data for constantly improving your plan, contact us.

Sustainability Pays

All existing investments in sustainable, low-carbon electric vehicle equipment are eligible for LCFS Credits. The LCFS program has no restrictions on your rights to market your sustainability, unlike Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other sustainability measures. PineSpire can help you calculate your greenhouse gas reductions for marketing purposes. Through our work in derivative markets to enhance your LCFS credits, we are also well positioned to broker RECs on the open market should you want to further reduce your GHG footprint for sustainability target and marketing purposes at a relatively low cost.

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Plan Components

Plan for staff training, adjustments to facility layout, and smart fuel cost optimization.
Planning includes electrical infrastructure upgrades and capital cost of new equipment.
Planning includes new revenue streams, incentive eligibility, reducing compliance work, and adding to your brand’s marketing.
Regulations define timelines, dictate equipment changes, and creates costly compliance work.