Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS, CFP & CFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS, CFP & CFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Who We Work With

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• Agriculture and Food Processing •
• Commercial & Industrial Businesses •

California’s Low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) program and Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program (CFP) offer companies with electric fleets and equipment an additional revenue stream and the ability to pay down the cost of electrification. LCFS and CFP credits can be generated directly by fleets charging their own electric equipment, and these credits are turned into revenue to offset electricity costs and reduce total cost of ownership for electrification. PineSpire partners with customers in all sectors who want to monetize their E-Fleet Charging and Electric Vehicle Fleets. We analyze your fleet, create and submit all reporting, generate and trade your credits in the marketplace, and then return your incentive payments to you. It’s that simple. Learn more about PineSpire’s LCFS and CFP Incentive Management, Data and Analytics, EV Planning Consulting and Grant Assistance by viewing Client Services.

How Does It Work?

If you currently have electric forklifts, EV Charging stations, or EVs, or are planning to electrify your equipment, PineSpire will register your equipment and issue you monthly checks. Turnkey service so you can concentrate on running your business while realizing a new revenue stream that creates profitability surrounding your sustainability decisions.

Some of the company we keep:

Electric Forklift Charging Station

As Your Fleet Grows
So Does Your Revenue

Tiered Pricing

As your fleet’s cumulative energy usage increases (due to increased usage or adding new equipment), PineSpire will automatically move you up in pricing tiers, meaning a higher rate of LCFS of CFP Credit payment
across all of your EVs!

Oregon Sunset

Reduce Carbon Emissions & Get Paid For Doing So

You Are Improving Our World

While you will realize significant new income, you are also helping to move the needle on climate change in a favorable direction. LCFS and CFP Credits make the decisions you make for sustainability and the environment also good for your bottom line.

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PineSpire Eliminates Tedious Program Administration

It’s Complicated

Credits are sold in a regulated marketplace to fuel suppliers that need credits to comply with the standards. The marketplace and all of the necessary reporting is complicated. It’s our world though, and we know it…so you don’t have to!