PineSpire has the proven experience to provide our clients with the analysis and support to secure funds from competitive grant solicitations. We bring you grant opportunities from state, air district, local and national programs. Grant funding, paired with California LCFS and Oregon CFP revenue, can bring the cost to “Go Electric” within reach for all budgets.

Prepare For Grants and Incentives

PineSpire assists you in the steps to keep prepared for grants and other funding opportunities. Together, we’ll create a comprehensive inventory of your EV Fleet (including current EVs and EV Chargers) and we will add-in near- and long-term goals for additions. In preparing this database, we’ll be able to estimate your LCFS or CFP revenue potential and get tailored information for your fleet. We’ll make funding plans for future equipment and set alerts for specific opportunities, and we’ll be ready for these opportunities by having this data to support your applications.

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Electrification Funding Sources

Because funding cycles open and close regularly, PineSpire keeps on top of upcoming opportunities for you. Our data and analytics and detailed record keeping helps you stay prepared for submitting applications when they open. Stacking multiple funding opportunities provides even more savings and net revenue for you. The information below pertains primarily to California opportunities. We will be adding Oregon information as opportunities become available. In the meantime, let’s discuss your plan and how we can get some funding for you.

There are a myriad of tax credit programs provided by the United States government. PineSpire monitors these programs in real time and presents opportunities to our clients for savings.

California’s Air Quality Districts offer a suite of voluntary incentive programs targeted at reducing harmful emissions and greenhouse gases, particularly from mobile sources. These funding opportunities are tailored to residents, businesses, public agencies and specific industries (i.e. agriculture) to meet specific needs. The Districts are constantly updating existing programs and developing new programs based on available funding and evolving technologies. PineSpire is keeping up with all of these opportunities and notify our customer about grants that are relevant to their fleet and location.

The Volkswagen (VW) Mitigation Trust was established to fully mitigate the diesel NOx emissions caused by VW’s illegal actions. The mitigation plan for California includes a variety of grant categories available to replace diesel vehicles registered throughout the state of California, totaling $423 Million in funds. PineSpire is well versed in the grant categories and EV opportunities that lie in each of them.  We comb through the documents and bring our customers easy-to-understand information, including the type of funding available, list of prioritized projects, and timeline for when funds will be released.  We will help you every step of the application process.

Utilities offer funding programs to help customers upgrade their electrical infrastructure to support the charging requirements of new EVs.  For example, PGE’s EV Fleet program and SCE’s Charge Ready program.  PineSpire has a long history of working with the utilities and navigating their programs.  If you’re looking to convert your fleet and add significant charging, let’s talk about how these programs could benefit your bottom line.