Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Expert on Electrification Complexities

Electrify With Our Help

Turnkey LCFS Revenue

No Risk, All Reward

Electric Forklift

You Chose To Electrify...

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From public transportation to refuse trucks...
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EV Charging Stations

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Monetize Your EV Fleet

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credit Revenue
• Tailored Rates • Partnership & Guidance

PineSpire takes care of the complicated process of creating and monetizing your LCFS credits in the marketplace. We provide a Tailored LCFS Incentive Rate, Detailed Data and Analytics, Comprehensive Fleet LCFS Revenue (one agreement for all of your electrified equipment), and Fleet Electrification Planning. Enrolling in Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits has no minimum obligations, no down-side risk, and is at no cost to our PineSpire customers. Together, let’s realize revenue for your electric fleet. Request a consultation.

Most Common Qualifying Electrified Equipment

Electric Forklift Charging Station
Forklifts, Pallet Jacks/Walkies
EV Charging Stations
Commercial Fleet, Employee, and Public EV Chargers
Electric Truck Charging Station
Truck Refrigeration Unit Chargers
Electric Garbage Truck
Semis & Refuse Trucks
EV Truck
Terminal Tractors/Yard Goats
PineSpire’s Tailored Incentive Rates

PineSpire is committed to offering the pricing that meets our customers’ needs.
• Our Guaranteed Rates Offer will allow you to focus on your core business while receiving reliable revenue from LCFS Credits. We take all the market risk while providing a fixed rate to our customers for the life of the contracts. No minimum energy consumption requirement. And best of all, you will have price certainty when planning your LCFS revenue. Plug in your numbers on our Incentive Estimate Calculator.
• Our Market Rates Offer will allow you to maximize the value from the LCFS market. Take on the risk of the market yourself to enjoy the upside of the market while still enjoying all of the benefits from PineSpire.
Our transparent pricing allows for our customers to make an informed decision on which rate type is right for your operations.

LCFS Credt Management

LCFS Credit Management

Turnkey process management from registration to revenue.

PineSpire Credit Enhancement

Credit Enhancement

By pairing your credits with cleaner energy, we create 25% more revenue from your energy usage.

PineSpire Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

Monthly Energy Usage reports, GHG savings calculations, and vehicle data to improve your ROI analyses.

PineSpire Metering


If your EV requires metering or if you just want more granular data, PineSpire will implement a cost-effective solution for your site at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

PineSpire Electrification Planning

Electrification Planning

Guidance in preparing and prioritizing your plans to convert vehicles and facilities to electric.

PineSpire Regulatory Updates

Regulatory Updates

Get notifications on the latest rules and regulations from CARB that affect your fleet operations.

Electric Forklift

As Your Fleet Grows
So Does Your Revenue

Tiered Pricing

As your fleet’s cumulative energy usage increases (due to increased usage or adding new equipment), PineSpire will automatically move you up in pricing tiers, meaning a higher rate of LCFS Credit payment across all of your EVs!

Oregon Sunset

Reduce Carbon Emissions & Get Paid For Doing So

You Are Improving Our World

While you will realize significant new income, you are also helping to move the needle on climate change in a favorable direction. LCFS Credits make the decisions you make for sustainability and the environment also good for your bottom line.

PineSpire Careers

PineSpire Eliminates Tedious Program Administration

It’s Complicated

Credits are sold in a regulated marketplace to fuel suppliers that need credits to comply with the standards. The marketplace and all of the necessary reporting is complicated. It’s our world though, and we know it…so you don’t have to!

PineSpire has become a trusted partner here at Sundale Vineyards. After discussing all options, we came up with a plan for our solar and electric lift truck credits that I believed in. And unlike other competitors, they have met our goals by delivering on their promises.”
Mike Tamouzian, Sundale Vineyards

What We Do For You

We’ve gathered additional RESOURCES for your information.

PineSpire creates value for our customers in many ways:

• First and foremost, we create LCFS revenue for our customers.

• Secondly, PineSpire provides data and analytics to help customers optimize using electricity as a fuel source.

• Finally, PineSpire multiplies the Resources available for your Team. We advise our customers on updates to CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations and vehicle requirements, provide alerts and support in applicable grant opportunities for new EVs, and help customers develop a comprehensive Electrification Plan tailored to their fleet and goals.

With over a decade of experience in the Energy Sector with backgrounds in Financing, Energy Service Agreements, Utility Rates and Policy, and Renewable Energy Markets, PineSpire’s relationships with customers and partners are lasting and profitable for all.

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