Our Revolutionary PS2 Platform Brings Data to Your Customized Dashboard – 24/7

Imagine having 24/7 access to one easy-to-use platform from your desktop (or tablet) to:

• your entire eligible electric fleet inventory

• total energy usage

• average credit price

• carbon credit revenue and reliable payment information

• get updates on grants and funding opportunities

• and full transparency on how PineSpire manages your credit generation

Your customized dashboard will give you the ability to pull custom reports (from executive summary to intricate detail) on data that will provide you with ROI information; help you track inventory; pull financial reports to aid in decisions on fleet management; provide a valuable story for marketing and communications outreach; and more.

Click on the images below to see examples of the PS2 Platform Screens

The Power of the PS2 Platform

PineSpire created this platform after listening closely to our customers and learning from others who were involved with a Carbon Credit management company that transparency on how our work fits into your team, on the fleets, on the numbers, and having 24/7 access to this information was extremely important. That’s why we developed PS2. Our values as a company include being fully transparent to our customers in our mission to provide the very best revenue stream possible, the most accurate data and reporting, and presentation of opportunities to grow your program and fleet inventory.


• Your eligible fleet inventory lives on your PS2 Dashboard (sort by location, type, etc)

• The electric fleet inventory creates carbon credit revenue

• Know how your credits are calculated

• You can also manage your ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Fleet on PS2

• Fully exportable data base

• See all inputs on energy usage by your fleet

• 24/7 access to grants and funding oppportunities

• PineSpire generated reminders to review inventory

You’ll be protected from old equipment reporting which can put your program at risk.


• Know how much you will get paid and when

• Detailed revenue statements in easy to review format

• Share financial data with accounting and finance easily

• Historical data helps to justify decisions on fleet growth

• Track your PineSpire ONTIME payments

PineSpire will help you create the reports that make the MOST sense for you operating style.