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CARB announced recently that they will be delaying their scheduled public hearing for amendments for the LCFS “until a later date”. There has not been an update on what the timeline is to implement new regulation but it is understood that this will present a significant delay in updated regulations being put into place. PineSpire submitted comments advocating for preserving opportunities for e-forklifts in the program by keeping the full amount of credits generated and transitioning gradually to a metering requirement.

CARB did cite that they would like to “enable additional discussion and re-evaluation of the carbon intensity benchmarks, including the proposed step-down and auto-acceleration mechanism, as well as more consideration of the proposed sustainability guardrails, among other topics”. PineSpire is hopeful that this will result in beneficial changes to the AAM and changes to how forklifts participate in the program.

For reference, please see PineSpire’s original post on the Proposed Amendments to the LCFS Regulation


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If you have questions about these or other proposed changes to the program, contact us for more details. We will continue to publish updates on this topic as they become available.