by Ryan Huggins Ryan Huggins

The San Joaquin Valley, known for its rich agriculture, is the home of the interationally renowned Quady Winery, a gem that keeps you coming back for more. Quady specializes in sweet wines and have mastered the use of rare muscat grape varieties since 1975. In addition to making great wine, Quady has made sustainable practices an integrated part of their operations. Enrolling with PineSpire to create LCFS credits has boosted their sustainable operations, and revenue, even further.

“The decision to enroll in LCFS program was common sense.”

Allie Quady, Safety and Sustainability Officer at Quady Winery

Currently, Quady has 5 electric forklifts and is looking to acquire more. The revenue coming from LCFS Credits contributes to the budget for new electric forklifts and infrastructure. Another added benefit of electric forklifts: Operators prefer them to propane!

Electric Forklift being used to handle Quady Wines with no emissions
Forklift Operators report preferring Electric Lift Trucks to propane. And with no emissions, the wine does too.

In addition to electrifying their material-handling equipment, Quady Winery has made strides in sustainable operations that are also improving their bottom line:

  • Going solar! Over 80% of Quady’s energy usage is met by on-site solar generation
  • Finding ways to reduce water use while capturing more nutrients, including a planned microbe-driven filtration and recycling system
  • Sourcing lighter weight, more sustainable glass bottles and integrating sustainability into packaging and purchasing decisions. All steps we at PineSpire appreciate as wine consumers.
  • Pursuing a Certified Sustainable status for the entire winery (beyond their already certified sustainable grapes) and achieving carbon neutrality
Solar Array powering Quady Wines Operations
Solar at Quady Winery lowers operating costs while boosting sustainability.

Choosing to invest in forward-thinking, sustainable operational upgrades is a no-brainer. The hard part is deciding which of these wines to have first! Electra? Vya? Starboard? You can sign up for the Wine Club to here to enjoy them all.

Quady Muscat wines are produced with care, quality, and sustainability in mind
Quady Muscat wines are produced with care, quality, and sustainability in mind.