by Ryan Huggins Ryan Huggins

2022 was here before we knew it, and it goes without saying that the past few years have made in person connections and networking a challenge. Working from home, wondering if people you see on Zoom are shorter than they appear and asking ourselves when things will go back to normal have all been constants during this time.

We don’t know if we’ll work in person any time soon or that video calls will go away, but what we do know is that here at PineSpire we want to see you again… in person! To make that happen, we will be attending some of the biggest conferences the West Coast has to offer, and we want you to join us.

Wrapping up January, we will be at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California from the 26-27th. Unified Wine and Grape will have an exposition including a wide range of products related to the wine and grape industry and includes international representation.

Following that, we will also be attending the Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo on February 3-4th in Portland, Oregon– the expo is one of the largest in the United States and happens to be celebrating their 50th annual show by featuring world- recognized keynote speaker, John Manzella.

Lastly, we will be at the California League of Food Producer’s Food Processing Expo on February 15-16th in Sacramento and it is California’s largest food processing expo.

All these events will be great opportunities to:

  1. Learn about new industries
  2. Network with other businesses and potential clients
  3. Get caught up on trends coming up this year