Oregon Strengthens the Clean Fuels Program

by Ryan Huggins

The State of Oregon recently adopted updated to the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) which set the most ambitious Carbon Intensity reduction targets of any clean fuel standard in the U.S. or Canada.

These updates will drive demand for CFP credits and continue to foster innovation and fuel switching in the State.

The new CFP Standard

The new CFP Standard extends the program to at least 2035 and sets goals of 37% reduction in Carbon Intensity of Transportation Fuels

Key Clean Fuels Program Updates

PineSpire has participated in the Rulemaking process for the updates to the program since day one, advocating on behalf of our customers and commercial businesses.   To help you digest the changes, we’ve summarized the key updates to the program below:

  • Carbon-Intensity Standard: First and foremost, the extension of the program through at least 2035, and setting more ambitious carbon reduction targets will bolster long-term certainty in the market, support ongoing demand for Credits, and bring consistency to the marketplace
  • Forklift Credit Generation: The new rule updates language regarding the claim of credits for fleet owners and operators as shown below.  If you have questions about what these terms mean for your fleet – contact us and we can talk through the specifics of your fleet
    • “For electricity used to power forklifts, the forklift owner may generate the credits. If the forklift is being operated by a person other than the owner, the owner may generate the credits if they have detailed data that enables them to accurately report the electricity used to operate the forklift as required by OAR 340-253-1000(2), otherwise the operator of the forklift may generate the credits.”

  • Credit Generation for non-residential EV chargers: There is further clarification of priority of claim to credits for EV chargers at businesses or for public use.  These updates make it even more important to verify the rights to CFP credits when working with any hardware installer or charger operating services.
  • General Updates: Other updates to the program include changes to promote hydrogen and fast charging infrastructure, as improved rules for monitoring and enforcing violations, adding category for airport ground support equipment, and adding ocean-going vessels as eligible to participate.

What’s next for the CFP Market?

As part of the multi-year rulemaking process, the DEQ commissioned several studies on transportation fuels and the market adoption in Oregon.  These studies conclude that the recent updates will drive an increase of renewable fuel options like renewable diesel and biogas as well as further adoption of EVs.  All of these incentives are aligned with the regulatory requirements in Oregon, such as the Oregon Low Emission Vehicle Rule.  PineSpire is here to help you put the incentive and regulatory pieces together.  Reach out to us to discuss your fleet and electrification options.



Dragonberry Produce: Sustainability is Smart

by Ryan Huggins

At Dragonberry Produce, everything is done with intention and purpose. As President, Amy Nguyen brings her passion to all aspects of the business and facilities, guided by the principle that each element should “Be Beautiful, Intelligently Designed, and Meaningful”. That attention to detail and focus on quality has driven Dragonberry’s success as a leading produce company specializing in unique fruits.

Dragonfruit, one of the unique fruits packaged at Dragonberry's sustainable facility

Partnering with PineSpire in the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) in Oregon has allowed Dragonberry to create revenue from operating electric material handling equipment and will increase with new EV chargers and e-TRU chargers. This program aligns with their guiding principles on sustainability:

“Sustainability is Smart”

Amy Nguyen, President, Dragonberry Produce

Located in Canby, Oregon, Dragonberry’s facility was the first LEED-Certified building for produce distribution in Oregon! The Dragonberry facilities incorporate all of the following elements:

  • Zen Garden Landscaping to provide a beautiful space for all employees and the community to enjoy while also conserving water and fostering native plant species
  • Meticulously designed Air Quality throughout all working spaces to ensure employees in offices and on the floor benefit from natural light and clean air. This also optimizes lighting efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Using an Electric Fleet of lift trucks, moving to electric Transport Refrigeration Units and providing EV Charging for employees. This reduces operating costs, dramatically cuts fuel costs, and adds a benefit for employees looking to fuel their own EVs.
Zen Garden at Dragonberry's Facility in Canby.
Zen Garden at Dragonberry’s Facility in Canby

The smart investments are contributing to Dragonberry’s growth: a second facility will be done in 2022 and a third in following years. This expansion will house Dragonberry’s sweet nut production line and will use the same principles of creating a happy and healthy work environment.

Expansion of Dragonberry's Produce Distribution Center
Expansion of Dragonberry’s Produce Distribution Center

To get a taste of the beautiful premium specialty fruit designed by Dragonberry, join the Dragonberry Fruit Club, a boutique fruit delivery services delivering high quality, unique fruit to the finest fruit connisseur.

PineSpire is pleased to have this opportunity to feature Dragonberry Produce as our June Customer of the month. To learn more about how your company can benefit from smart planning and participating in the Clean Fuels Program like Dragonberry has, contact PineSpire: Contact@PineSpire.com

PineSpire’s Growing Team

by Nancy Brockman

PineSpire rounded out 2021 with significant growth in our team.  We are excited to share more information about our new members and their role in supporting customers and ensuring PineSpire continues to help more businesses benefit from electrification.

Desari Vallejos, Electrification Specialist: Desari goes the extra mile to ensures the job gets done and her customers receive the services they need. Using her expertise in electrification and battery technology, Desari finds energy solutions specifically tailored to each customer’s needs and opportunities.  Desari’s background includes establishing long-term successful customer relationships, managing teams, and teaching others the skills they need to succeed. 

Brennan Wiest, Regional Sales Manager: Brennan’s takes an advisory role with customers to help them navigate the complex world of energy credits. This includes providing education, carbon credit service, fleet inventory support, and planning opportunities. He has a diverse background in sales roles, as well as a bachelor’s in Marketing from California State University of San Bernardino.

Angela Quiterio, Sales Operations Analyst: Angela is responsible for ensuring PineSpire has clear communication with customers and reaches more businesses with carbon credit opportunities.  As Sales Ops Analyst, Angela supports our sales team by providing easy-to-digest updates for customers about evolving regulations and new services.  Angela has a background in marketing and a degree in Global Business and Marketing from Suffolk University.