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Thinking of switching over from propane to electric? Now’s the perfect time!

CARB recently hosted a webinar to provide updates on the draft Zero-Emissions Forklift rule.  These updates included a few significant changes to the proposed regulation based on the feedback received from the industry: 

  1. Diesel forklifts will not be subject to this rule and will remain regulated under the Off-Road Diesel Rule 
  1. Zero Emission Forklift rule implementation will be delayed until 2026 

While these changes are good news for many businesses, particularly with diesel fleets, there are still major implications of the rule to be aware of for businesses operating propane forklift fleets

  1. The proposed rule will require retiring all internal combustion (i.e. gas or propane) equipment based on model year, not based on the percentage of your fleet.  This could mean major fleet turnover in a single year, depending on your fleet’s age. 
  1. Companies using internal combustion rental equipment to manage peak seasons operations will only receive an annual 30 day allowance for renting propane equipment.  Beyond 30 days, all equipment must be electric, including rentals. 

While PineSpire supports businesses moving their fleets to electric as a long-term financial and environmentally sustainable solution, we also want to ensure that transition is practical from a business perspective.  CARB is specifically requesting to hear from forklift fleet owners on the financial feasibility and equipment availability of the Draft Zero-Emission Forklift Rule.  Do you have a perspective you want to share? Contact us and we will ensure your comments are heard.   

For more information on the Zero-Emission Forklift rulemaking, see part 1 of this series.