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The Zero Emission Forklift Rule has been in development with CARB and the final rule was published this past week. This rule is phasing out the use of propane forklifts in California and requiring the use of zero-emission engines (such as electric) instead. PineSpire has been following the rule-making closely and keeping our partners up-to-date on the latest changes throughout the process. This week, CARB released the final rule. We’ve summarized major updates for you below.

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The timeline for implementing the rule:

  • Public Comment: CARB is accepting public comment through December 26, 2023
  • Final Adoption: CARB is currently scheduled to vote on adopting the rule on June 27, 2024

What does this rule mean for you?

  • Reporting: Forklift owners, dealers, rental agencies, and manufacturers will all have annual reporting requirements
  • Phase Out Internal Combustion: Fleet owners are required to phase out internal combustion engines based on the model year and their fleet size so they achieve ‘zero emission’ by the target year of the regulation
  • Rentals: Rental forklifts are subject to the same phase-out requirements, meaning fleets will not be able to rent propane or gas forklifts after a certain model year. 
  • Buying Electric: New forklift sales cannot include propane or gas trucks starting in 2026 for Class IV forklifts and 2029 for Class V forklifts.  Limited sales can occur of used propane and gas forklifts. 
  • Exemptions:
    • Forklift capacity greater than 12,000 lbs
    • Rough terrain forklifts, forklifts with a telescoping boom, and forklifts subject to other regulations (including Diesel forklifts)
    • Diesel forklifts (which remain regulated under the In-Use Off-Road Diesel rule)
      • *The rule also attempts to prohibit replacing a propane forklift with a diesel forklift
  • Delays: Delays for getting delivery of ordered forklifts, or utility delays in installing infrastructure can be granted on a case-by-case basis and require documentation

Phase out schedule

Do you want a copy of the actual schedule? Reach out to PineSpire at for a copy of the phase-out schedule by class of forklift and date.

The upside of electric

When evaluating your fleet compliance and the return on investment by switching to electric fleets, there are a lot of upsides. Instead of buying propane, LCFS credits give you revenue every time you fuel your e-forklift. There are upsides in O&M and safety as well. Reach out if you’d like an evaluation of your potential LCFS revenue and fuel savings: