by Ryan Huggins Ryan Huggins


PineSpire, a North American firm that creates revenue for their customers by managing the complexities of Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Carbon Fuels Program (CFP), has named Alan Parry to lead its national sales program. As Sales Director, Parry will be responsible for implementing and leading a successful sales process to achieve PineSpire’s aggressive revenue growth initiatives in both the California and Oregon Markets.

Alan Parry, PineSpire’s New Sales Director

The announcement was made by Patrick Dawson and Ryan Huggins, Co-Founders of PineSpire, who noted that “acquiring new customers results in delivering tangible financial benefits to a broader base of customers while enhancing the positive benefit of LCFS and CFP on the environment. We are confident that his leadership, skill, and expertise will make a significant contribution to PineSpire’s success.”

Before joining PineSpire, Parry was a senior sales and marketing executive in the Electrical Vehicle, Energy, Consumer Technology, Software Development, Food Supply Chain and Manufacturing sectors. His experience in these sectors closing multimillion-dollar contracts with Fortune 1000 companies brings great value to PineSpire’s marketing and sales strategy. Parry held senior positions with companies such as Dapicon, BAM Sales and Marketing, Encycle, Green Edge Technologies, and Delkin Devices.

California’s LCFS program shows continued strong growth — creating jobs, an increase in use of renewable fuel and a corresponding reduction in petroleum fuel, air quality enhancements, as well as a reduction of CO2 eq. With an eye on these results, Oregon created its Clean Fuels Program (CFP). PineSpire currently serves customers in both of these states and will serve British Columbia as well as other U.S. states with pending legislation for similar initiatives.

PineSpire is expert in the management and revenue generation through e-vehicle and equipment charging incentives by handling everything from registration to revenue. PineSpire provides a tailored LCFS Incentive Rate, detailed data and analytics, comprehensive fleet LCFS Revenue (one agreement for all electrified equipment), and fleet electrification planning. Enrolling in Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits has no minimum obligations, no down-side risk, and is at no cost to PineSpire customers.

To learn more about the LCFS programs in California, the CFP in Oregon, BC, and beyond, please visit Careers at PineSpire.